Electrospinning equipment

IME is a leading electrospinning technology company that develops, manufactures and sells state-of-the-art electrospinning machines and modules. IME specifically serves academic institutes and innovative customers in the biomedical industry all over the world. With our range of electrospinning products and supporting services we help our customers to improve the efficiency of their electrospinning research and development activities.

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IME has specialized expertise in electrospinning technology, equipment design, process control and system integration. To maximize the added value of our equipment for our customers, we continuously work on product improvement and innovation without ever compromising on safety, quality and modularity. IME collaborates with research and industrial partners in the biomedical field to address challenges on GMP compliance, reproducibility, and scaling. By combine our technical competences with ambition, persistence and excellent customer services, IME is the reliable, long-term partner for leading research institutes and innovative biomedical companies.

Reliable – maximal reproducibility with minimal downtime and maintenance

User-friendly – low setup times and fast iterations in process optimization

Versatile  – maximal flexibility with manageable equipment costs

Furthermore, IME will support its customers with custom tool design and modification, sampling, R&D support, technology development and after-sales services to maximize the added value of its electrospinning equipment. In this way, IME Technologies helps its customers to maximize the efficiency of their nanofiber R&D, accelerate scientific and technological advancements, and shorten the time to market for novel nanofiber applications and products.

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Fundamental research

In the group of Prof. Dr. Christian Clasen from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the KU Leuven in Belgium aims to understand the flow and mass transfer phenomena on the micro-time and micro-dimensional scale…

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