IME Technologies is your partner in manufacturing of your envisioned electrospun medical device.  The market for electrospun medical devices is developing rapidly and the first products with full regulatory approval are entering the market.

IME Technologies has an approved ISO 13485 cleanroom facility available to deliver all required quality manufacturing capabilities for medical devices in the Medtech industry.

IME Technologies is able to extend the (co-)development services in the field of scaffolds for human implantation. With leveraging the expertise in the field of electrospinning technology IME Technologies is your partner from idea and clinical trials to full production scenario’s.

ISP 13485 IME Technologies

  • Successful economic ROI
  • Scale up scenario’s
  • GMP compliant production
  • ISO13485 cleanroom facility available

Given the innovative nature and collaborative approach IME Technologies want to be the partner of clients in a mutual beneficial growth scenario in the Medtech industry.

Covered stents

Covered stents

Heart valve

Heart valve






The above products were developed and manufactured on equipment and with the process development support from IME Technologies. Several successful in-human clinical studies
were already performed. More studies and market introductions are expected to follow shortly.

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