Living implantable devices

10 July 2017

Could we develop living implantable devices of stem cells and biomaterials which will improve the acceptation by the body relative to current implants? The E2CM-project, supported by CrossRoads 2, is carrying out research on cell-based therapies. This research in the…

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Electrospinning for Tissue Engineering

03 July 2017

IME Technologies has developed state-of-the-art electrospinning equipment to facilitate the research, development and manufacturing of electrospun scaffolds, implants and medical devices. Our machines excels in terms of reproducibility and scalability and the GMP compliance make them the obvious choice for…

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02 June 2017

IME Technologies was founded in 2008 as a full subsidiary of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). After its privatization, the company left the university physically in 2013 and set up its new headquarters in Geldrop, the Netherlands in the…

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30 May 2017

IME Technologies is the leading partner for the development and manufacturing of electrospun medical devices, therefore IME Technologies will attend TERMIS-EU 2017. With our integral offering of technology, equipment and process development as well as R&D support, prototyping and manufacturing…

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Spinning Sessions

05 May 2017

IME Technologies will attend the Biomedica Summit 2017 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, as one of the exhibitors. Our electrospinning specialist, Marc Simonet, will be one of the speakers during the ‘Regenerative Medicine Session’. The summit will bring together top researchers,…

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03 May 2017

The market for electrospun medical devices is developing rapidly and the first products with full regulatory approval are entering the market. To fulfill in the market needs for upscaling the production of electrospun medical devices, IME Technologies will launch a…

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Influence on fiber morphology

26 April 2017

IME Technologies is a leading electrospinning technology company that develops, manufactures and sells state-of-the-art electrospinning equipment. The machines excels in terms of reproducibility and scalability and the GMP compliance make them the obvious choice for the medical device industry. IME…

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New corporate brochure

21 April 2017

On the 1th of February this year IME Technologies launched the new strategy. Together with the strategy a new website and corporate identity was presented. IME Technologies has set an ambitious course to become the leading partner for the medical…

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Electrospinning drug loaded fibers on ice to mimic cartilage ECM

03 April 2017

Electrospinning drug loaded fibers in combination with cell-laden hydrogels shows to be a very promising approach for cartilage tissue engineering. Our customer from ETH Zürich and a team from EMPA filled up the large pores gained by electrospinning on a…

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Electrospun synthetic heart valve

10 March 2017

In situ heart valve tissue engineering using an electrospun slowly degrading polymer implant. IME Technologies positions itself as the leading partner for the medical device industry when it becomes to developing medical implants for regenerative medicine applications. IME Technologies has…

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